Ghosting of beings and worlds

May 22 - July 31, 2017,
Grey Noise, Dubai

Group Show

The title of this exhibition is borrowed from the essay "Mathémathiques Existentielles" by French artist Laurent Derobert; in his work, Derobert tries to capture with mathematical formulas, impalpable feelings and emotions, using formulas as ghost traps.
The environment presented here unfurls in works by nine international artists. A ghostly presence seems to emanate and hovers over the exhibition, creating a kind of familiarity among the seemingly scattered and heterogeneous pieces of the installation.
André Breton begins his novel “Nadja” with a twist of the Descartian slogan:
I haunt, therefore I am.
The strategy of ghosting is a common aspect salient in this exhibition;
Ghosting as a manner to avoid a pandemy of prosaic political discourse in the art world,
Ghosting as an oblique manoeuvre to narrate history,
Ghosting as a way to infiltrate a milieu saturated with speculation,
It is under this particular lense that the presented works could be read.
Ismail Bahri
Charbel-joseph H. Boutros
Paul Hage Boutros
Laurent Derobert
Rodrigo Hernández
Ange Leccia
Dala Nasser
Stéphanié Saadé
Vittorio Santoro